Baby travel essentials

Face it, travelling with a baby means you have to carry a whole bunch of extra crap.

When we travelled to Ireland in March we brought 20kg of baby ‘must haves’; Google, you can expect a bill from my physiotherapist. Learn from our overpreparation, this is a list of essentials you really shouldn’t travel long haul without.

A compact baby changing mat finding baby change facilities in Europe can be tricky.

Phil&Ted’s Traveller Portacot This travelcot is so compact (just like Italy’s tiny hotel rooms) and weighs only 2.8kg. For us this is perfect, four months on the road changing beds every few nights would be too much inconsistency for Eleanor. This cot has allowed us to keep some familiarity to our baby routine.

Ergobaby 360 This baby carrier is amazing. We can wear Eleanor in this bad boy all day without getting a stiff back. The carrier can be worn in for positions, front-facing, chest facing, on your back and on your hip.

Mountain Buggy Nano We wheeled this pram right up to the airport gate and took it onboard as hand luggage.

Minimonkey Chair Harness Cafés and restaurants in Italy are super small and highchairs are scarce. This nifty little product turns any chair into a baby safe chair.

Ziplock bags We use these for everything, storing food, spare clothes and bibs, really whatever fits. They are so handy at keeping your backpack organised.

Do yourself a favour don’t overpack. You won’t need as many baby clothes as you think, just buy washing powder and do a quick hand wash before bed every night. Leave the baby bag at home and use ziplock bags to store wipes, nappies, a changing mat and spare clothes in your everyday travel backpack.

We brought two suitcases and two backpacks. That’s it. The Ergobaby 360 Baby carrier and the Phil&Teds Traveller Portacot fit inside our suitcases. Travelling light has allowed us to use regular public transport and get around without too much stress.

What is your long haul must have?

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