Travel Gadgets & Tech

If you know me, you know I like to have the latest and greatest technology. So for me packing travel tech and gadgets is almost as important as packing my clothes. I want capture every moment, keep Ellie entertained and stay connected to whats happening back home. Assuming you have a mobile phone or tablet on the go, these are the other tech gadgets you should consider.

GoPro HERO Session

This is my latest purchase. Yes we both have mobile phones with video capabilities, but this GoPro is waterproof and lets us capture footage from different angles with its different mounting accessories. The GoPro software also makes it easy to edit and produce your videos for Facebook, Instagram, YouTube or any other platform.

Bose QuietComfort 35

These noise cancelling headphones are a must if you want some peace and quiet on a long haul flight. Not only will they block out aircraft noise, but they’ll also be a godsend when its time to hand the kids over to your partner, allowing you to block out tiny voices and relax watching movies or listening to music.

Roku Express Streaming Player

If you’ve spent any time in European hotels you’ll know that TV options are basic (Sky news anyone?). Most channels aren’t in English, so they won’t keep the kids entertained for every long. The Roku Express is a pocket sized device you can plug into the hotel TV’s HDMI port. You can then watch Netflix or stream content from your mobile phone or tablet.

Sony Alpha a5000 Digital Camera

You’ll probably take the majority of photos on your mobile phone but if you want some better quality photos for printing then the Sony Alpha a5000 is great. It’ small, light and you can use it a simple point and shoot or take more advanced shots using the manual features. What is also great is that it can connect the camera to your mobile phone via WiFi so you can use  your phone as a remote or download the photos to share on Social Media.

GLi.Net Mini Travel Router

This tiny little travel router converts any public WiFi network, like the free airport or Macca’s WiFi into a private WiFi network for secure surfing. You can also use it as a tethering device and it goes everywhere you do, you just need to connect your devices to one network instead of connecting to a different network each time you connect to a new WiFi. Makes life easier when you have multiple devices that require WiFi.

SD Cards & Micro SD Cards

You’ll need these for your GoPro and Sony Alpha a5000, as well as your mobile phone if it supports external storage. Don’t run out of space!

Portable Power Bank

Unless you have a mobile phone or tablet that gives you 24 hours of battery life, you’ll need one of these to keep you charged to ensure you don’t miss a thing.

Micro USB Cables

Pretty much every device listed here used a Micro USB cable to charge or connect to your laptop. Don’t be left short having only one cable to use when you need to charge three devices at the same time.

Travel Adapter

This travel adapter will let you charge two USB devices while using it as a standard power adapter. It is small and lightweight and eliminates the need to bring all your chargers.

Am I missing anything?